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Quill Australia Software Roll-out Services

Quill Australia has considerable expertise with the implementation, configuration and roll-out of large software systems.

The configuration of large software systems for implementation within an organisation is an exacting tasks that requires the skills of perception, perseverance, tenacity and tact. Analysis of what the organisation does now must be carried out to ensure that all business processes can be catered for in the new system. Sometimes these business processes will be improved or carried out automatically.

For example, in an organisation the reconciliation of the daily bank statement might be a manual process, however new software might turn this into a semi-automated or automated process.

Often, there is data that needs to be migrated from older systems. Often this data does not fit well with the business rules embodied in the new software. Mappings between the old and the new need to be done and decisions made about every field of data that is to be migrated.

Quill Australia can advise senior managers of organisations on what needs to be done and the structure of project teams necessary to get the work done in the allocated time. We can also help you do the work.


Software Roll-out Articles

We are starting to compile a number of our articles that we have written over the years that provide hints and tips on how to manage aspects of complex software roll-out projects.

Software Documentation Articles

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Quill Australia is primarily a computer consultancy. We spend most of our time working for our clients helping them implement new computer systems or new business processes. However we also maintain three other businesses that we enjoy. The links to these are provided below:

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